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The Spark is a stealth game made by one person in Game Maker 2. Carry your spark with you and avoid getting shot!

Use W, A, S, D to move and E to interact. Pick up your spark or let it drop. You can charge your spark at power stations and you can also hide under tables!

The game is over when you got shot or your spark is out of energy. You can only progress when you carry your spark with you.

With P you can also activate a little help for color blindness - or at least I hope it helps. The colors of the enemies show their alarm state and I figured, the colors might be too hard to read, so the enemies just tell their state via textbox.

Also you can press alt + enter for fullscreen, which is just  an upscale and might not look very well.

The game was solely made by me, so the art isn't amazing and there's also no music.

Other known problems:
- Laser beams might have a weird collision and sometimes miss the player.
- I forgot to remove a debugging tool. You see, there's a certain button that creates a ping, attracting every guard in the room and playing a small soundbite from a very well known game. That was not intented to be in the final version. No, I don't tell you which button it is :).
- The last room is suppose to show a little text like "Congratulations! You beat the game!" and so on. So at the current state the game just ends without much fanfare.


Updates in Version 1.1:
- Removed the guard-ping, that had been used for debugging
- Fixed final room not showing "Congratulations" message
- Added a counter for detections and restarts (visible in final room)
- Changed the laser a little bit


LD46 - The Spark by Le Don.zip 2 MB
LD46 - The Spark by Le Don v1.1.zip 2 MB

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