A downloadable game for Windows

Sleepness Nights at Space Station Yamato was made for the BeansJam 22 with the theme

'We have to stay awake'

solely by me.

The evil Doctor Donovich has only one minute left to life. He plans to doom the crew of the space station Yamato by releasing smoke bombs that will put the entire crew to sleep. Without the crew to maintain the space station it will run out of energy and everyone will die!

Save the crew by opening the airlocks to release the smoke into space. Dr Donovich disguised himself as one of the crew mates and is therefore unrecognizable, but you can trap him and release him into space.

You beat the game if Dr Donovich dies (either by having him running out of time or by releasing him into space) and if the space station is free of all smoke and also running with 100% energy.

As long as crew mates maintain the space ship, it will generate power. They will go to work and back to their quarters. They don't have a fix work place, but they will go back to their quaters after work or after they panicked (which happens if they get sucked into space or after being knocked out by Dr Donovich's smoke). If the crew mates are sleeping, they won't move until the smoke is cleared and they wake up. Crew mates won't move if they have to go back to their quarters but can't find a way.


- Use left click to lower and raise the barricades

- You can use the mouse wheel to zoom in and out. With the arrow keys you can move the camera

Used soundeffect:

- 'Industrial metal sliding door' from https://mixkit.co/

- 'Orbital Space Station Ambience' by Stingray's Music & Sound Effects,


Known issues:

- Crew mates should move even if they are trapped

- These guys are jerks


SleepnessNights.zip 10 MB

Install instructions

Download the zip file, unpack it and use the .exe file.


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Super Spiel! Macht sehr viel Spaß und hat Wiederspielwert :) 

Ich eröffne mal das Commi-Score-Board:

Coole Idee!